Best vocabulary for all exams (Set-20)

Best vocabulary for all exams (Set-20)

1) Gag - (वमन करना)

Meaning - choke or retch.

Synonyms - retch, heave, dry-heave, convulse

Antonyms - whisper, familiar

Usage - "he gagged on the wine"

2) Oblivion – (विस्मृति)

Meaning – the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around one

Usage – “they drank themselves into oblivion”

Synonyms – unconsciousness, insensibility, stupor, stupefaction, senselessness, blankness, darkness

Antonyms - awareness, consciousness, understanding

3) Defamatory - (मानहानिकारक)

Meaning - (of remarks, writing, etc.) damaging the good reputation of someone; slanderous or libellous.

Synonyms - libellous, slanderous, defaming, calumnious

Antonyms - complimentary, approving

Usage - "a defamatory allegation"

4) Heyday – (उमंगकासमय)

Meaning – he period of a person’s or thing’s greatest success, popularity, activity.

Usage – “the paper has lost millions of readers since its heyday in 1964”

Synonyms – prime, peak, height, high point, high spot, peak of perfection, pinnacle, acme, zenith, day, time, bloom, flowering, culmination, crowning point

Antonyms – low point

5) Injunction - (निषेधाज्ञा)

Meaning - an authoritative warning or order.

Synonyms - order, ruling, direction, directive,command

Antonyms - appeal, entreaty, petition, plea

Usage - The temporary injunction violates the basic principle in free speech law

6) Predilection – (लाग-लपेट)

Meaning – a preference or special liking for something; a bias in favor of something.

Usage – “your predilection for pretty girls”

Synonyms –liking, fondness, preference, partiality, taste, penchant, weakness, soft spot, fancy, inclination, leaning, bias, propensity, bent, proclivity, proneness, predisposition, tendency, affinity, appetite, love

Antonyms –antipathy, disinterest, dislike, hate 

7) Loquacious – (बातूनी)

Meaning – tending to talk a great deal; talkative.

Usage – “never loquacious, Sarah was now totally lost for words”

Synonyms – talkative, garrulous, voluble, over-talkative, long-winded, wordy, verbose, profuse, prolix, effusive, gushing, rambling

Antonyms – quiet, restrained, silent, subdued

8) Disseminated - (फैलाया)

Meaning - having spread throughout an organ or the body.

Synonyms - broadcast, circulate, propagate, spread

Antonyms - cloak, conceal, enshroud

Usage - Arraying print and electronic media outlets that had not previously disseminated

9) Egalitarian – (समानाधिकारवादी)

Meaning – believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.

Usage – “a fairer, more egalitarian society”

Synonyms – Democratic

Antonyms – different, not alike,unequal,unlike,unmatched,variable,varying

10) Utterances - (उच्चारणों)

Meaning - a spoken word, statement, or vocal sound. /the action of saying or expressing something aloud.

Synonyms - remark, comment, word, expression,statement

Antonyms - listening, question, quiet

Usage - "he whispered, as if to lend his utterances an added confidentiality"